Master Craftsman

All Rodman Yachts are handbuilt by their mastercraftsman, from Olympic Sailing Yachts through to their luxury Super Yachts all are crafted by hand for your pleasure


Varied Model Range

With the varied model ranges, there is going to be a yacht that will match your desires.  From entry level, through to Super Yacht – explore and find your dream!


Built For Blue Water

All Rodman Yachts hulls that are built with the view that they have to be safe, sturdy and above all withstand all that nature (and you) can throw at them!


Custom Build

Rodman recognise that not everyone wants what comes out of the box every time, throughout the model range you are welcome to suggest and tweak your yacht to better suit your needs

Meet The Range

Rodman Muse

Rodman Muse redefines the world of luxury upon the water, discover how a Rodman Muse can change your life…..

Discover the real world of luxury

Rodman Spirit

Discover how a Rodman Spirit can whisk you away to your idyllic destination, bringing you closer to enjoy that which we all seek – FREEDOM!

Rodman Spirit Range

Rodman Fisher & Cruiser

Rodman Fisher & Cruiser are your way to escape no matter the weather!  From entry level, through to offshore fisher, there is a Fisher & Cruiser that will take all (and more) that you are able to throw at it!

True blue water adventure

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This is stil under testing — no orders shall be fulfilled. Please contact using sales@krysallismarine.com should you wish to purchase any items while the development is underway.

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